Bad Meetings


My office consistently has bad meetings. There are many types of bad meetings however this little snippet is for one type of bad meeting in particular.  I am frustrated with the meeting that is intended for a single person, but is discussed in a group format. How does that kind of meeting happen? I’ll tell you.

Meetings that are conducted to a larger group than intended is when, they gather us to tell us the start time is 8 am. “Uh, we know!”  What is actually happening in this instance is management is afraid of performing their function of management. They are conducting these group meetings as a way of circumventing the, one on one meeting they should actually be having with the employee who is in direct violation of the company rules.

The direct and immediate response from the group, when this general correction is doled out is, an immediate and visible deflation in the physical person, shoulders slump, arms are crossed and eyes are rolled. Why? Because 95% of us are not in violation of this rule, yet you are chastising us along with the 5% of those who are.

If you are a manager, and you do this, please stop doing this, it is bad form, and it shows your employees that you are a poor leader who is afraid to manage the individual person. If you are a manager, put your, grown up britches on and talk to your people. You are creating a bigger problem for yourself if you think you are going to address the group instead of “singling out employees”.

First of all you should not think of it as singling out employees. You should think of it as protecting the 95% of good employees from this afraid-to-manage management style.

Also, having a one on one meeting with your employees (each of them) builds rapport, which will either make that bad seed a better seed, because they know you are paying attention to them. And or it will allow them to continue to be a bad seed even after you sat and met, with them over and over again. And if the latter is true you would have gathered enough documented conversations to take further action against that employee.

Doling out the group message is just going to piss off your good employees, and they will see you for what you are, a scared manager, and poor leader.

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