AquaViews is a blog on my views: As a thirty-something who is working in the dull, monotonous Corporate world created by Baby Boomers.   I am struggling with the lack of change, and lack of leadership in my industry, that is still male-dominated.

There are a great many things that affect me on a daily basis about our world, and my intent is to encourage a platform for discussion, for people like me: Young men and women who are millennials.

Sometimes my discussion will speak to  more feminine audience that is not to isolate you men, but rather to bring the female point of view that is sometimes lacking in the business world.

In addition I will discuss the pressure that the world is putting on my relationship with my husband, we currently are both well to do, and are making six-figures.  I am stating that not to brag, but to put forth a real and tangible jumping off point so that my readers understand where I am coming from.

I want to succeed, my aspirations are never ending, and my goals are always changing.  I am not the status quo and never will be.  I am struggling my way to the top, and hopefully taking you along for the ride with me.